Warning of housing shortages in Rennes

While particularly dynamic, the Rennes real estate market is also characterized by insufficient housing to meet ever-increasing demand. As homeowners tend to keep their property longer and longer, housing stocks are running out quickly… If no type of property escapes this phenomenon of shortage, it is nevertheless clear that these days, some housing – particularly prized – shines by their rarity in the real estate market in Rennes. These include studios (which investors literally snap up!), T3 ("between 60 and 90 m2" says Benedicte) and houses ("for a price ranging from 400,000 to 550,000 euros") that act as the Grail in the eyes of prospective buyers. "However," says Bénédicte Hecker of PG-A, "if the hyper-centre of Rennes is unquestionably a market for sellers, as soon as you leave the city, you will find a buyer's market." Indeed, the demand around Rennes is less strong than it is intramural.

c'est le prix moyen du m² à Rennes en 2019