Breizh Mobility, member of the SNPRM since 20 September 2013.

Created in 1995, the SNPRM (National Union of Relocation and Mobility Professionals) brings together experts from the geographical mobility consultancy in France and abroad. Its members work in partnership with the Human Resources Directorates of companies for the management of mobility policies and the support of their employees. They advise them and inform them about financial aid for mobility.

The job of relocation:

  • Advising human resources departments in the management of geographic mobility.
  • Advice to transferred employees and their families.
  • Managing and coordinating mobility processes, optimizing costs.
  • Accompanying the installation and raising awareness of the new environment.
  • Training HR teams in the development of mobility policies.
  • Intercultural training.

The commitments of SNPRM members;

  • Compliance with a code of ethics
  • Financial independence from the partners of our missions.
  • Continuing education, sanctioned by European certifications.

Areas of expertise:

  • Integration assistance
  • Coordinating the move
  • Education
  • Spouse’s employment
  • Expense Management
  • tax system
  • Red tape
  • immigration
  • Intercultural
  • Housing
  • Social protection

Relocation and Mobility professionals are registered under code 7022Z and attached to the Syntec Collective Agreement.